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Fantastic wallet!

I have been on the search for a new wallet for quite a while. A lot of trial and error. Mostly error. Until this card sleeve. I ordered the 5 card version. It is exactly what I have wanted. I love the feel of the paper and the minimalistic design. Highly recommended!


I received the wallet a few days ago and it's simply AWESOME! Never had a wallet like this. Fantastic!!


I bought the Kamino card wallet.after seeing a review on you tube. I'm so glad I did as I absolutely love it. I'm the weirdo that shows anyone who stands still long enough how clever, tiny and so roomy it actually is.


Bought this about a year ago because I thought it looked neat and I am super happy with how slim it is and how well it has held together.

Slim Bifold
Excellent wallet

Thank you KAMINO for this wonderful walletyou have excellent work I recommend for my friends and family.

Beat regards

Solid, Eco-friendly but could be more durable

This wallet has been a great purchase but after 1.5 years, the creased parts of the material (the parts that bend when the wallet is opened) are starting to crack. Otherwise it's still in great shape but not sure what could help the frequently bent areas? The rest of the material is still in great shape and has a very pleasant feel.

Small wallet that surprisingly packs a punch

Can't believe this is made of paper. Touch and feel feels premium.

Love the perfectly cut measurements, combined with the imperfections on the finish.

It's smaller than it looks. I would say it's literally credit card size.

The steel snap button is so satisfying to use.

I took out the quick access pocket and place my folded bills into the card pockets as I don't have many cards. This makes the wallet even more compact.

Highly recommend.


Purchased back in June 2021 and it's still going strong. Really no signs of wear after almost a year and a half.

Very happy with the quality and that it is very low profile. If something ever happens to my current one I'd definitely get another.

Great wallet!

Really happy with my purchase. Very small wallet and great quality. Thanks

Great Minimalistic Wallet

Couldn't find any other wallet that I liked that had slim features like this one.. I love how it feels in my hand.

Wrap Wallet
Sam F.
Nice design and ease of use

The design of this wallet is well thought out. It is a smooth action to unwrap and access everything. I also enjoy the ability to half open if I only want bills. I read a review on here that raised one small concern, but it became no issue once I used the wallet.

I saw a review that mentioned how the 4 card slot can slide out and take more time to reassemble. I found you can easily avoid this by the way you hold the wallet. With the wallet fully open, I use my left thumb to put pressure on the 2 card quick slot against the 4 card slot. Then with my right hand I slide out the 4 card slot partially, take a card, and put it back. It is quick and easy, and removed any concern I had with functionality.

I've showed this wallet to my friends and family. I asked them what they thought the material was, and everyone of them said leather. It surprised them to know it was paper. They were reminded of origami when I taught them how to use it, and thought it was extremely creative. One asked if it was waterproof, and I proved it to them by splashing water on it. I let it soak in, and brushed off excess with my hand. As advertised, it dried quickly! We both agreed that waterproof or not, we want to avoid getting wallets wet.

Overall, I'm happy with how it looks, feels, and functions. It is a masterful piece of craftsmanship!

Card Wallet
Sam F.
Great compactness and value

Just received the card wallet last week. I really enjoy the design and minimalism. First impression was that it does look like leather. The material has a nice feel to it. The snap button is satisfying to snap together. I did get a little water on it, wiped off most of it, and the rest dried off quickly. Another thing that is nice is the ability to remove the quick slot and make the wallet even more compact.

Best minimalist wallet ever!!!

I bought the card wallet during my short trip to Tokyo. But before buying it, I had some questions and the owner and designer Kan promptly answered my questions about how tight the cards fit to be able to easily take them out. Wallet arrived quite quickly during my Tokyo trip at my hotel address. Kan made sure that I get it during my short stay in Tokyo. Love the customer service. The wallet is simply the best wallet ever, if you are looking for a minimalist lightweight wallet that is very functional. The cards fit perfectly and it is easy to get them out. The material is super nice and sturdy and feels high quality to the touch. The craftsmanship and design are fantastic and as you can expect from Japanese quality. I absolutely recommend the wallet. Thank you Kan for helping me with the purchase! it

First saw the wallet on Walletopia, and I said I MUST have it. Finally arrived today. Took about a month to arrive, but well worth the wait and anticipation. I have 10 cards inserted (not all credit cards) and they fit perfectly. The wallet is the perfect height and width for credit cards. Not too tight and not loose at all. It will be my go-to wallet for a while. Highly recommend it.

Card Wallet
Great minimal wallet.

I've been using this wallet daily now for a little over four months, its has been a delight to use and carry. Its a great choice for anyone who doesn't cary much on them. I only have 3-4 cards and about 15 bills max(rarely i might add) at any one time. It slides into pockets and has a very low profile that makes it very pocketable. It has shown itself to be very durable as I often have it in a pocket with keys and other metal objects and its yet to have a scratch. Its formed a slight patina and is likely due for a wash, but even in its slightly darker appearance (I bought the tan) it looks great and its gotten several compliments when I pull it out in public. The folded design lets u easily organize what u do have in distinct areas and makes quickly taking out a few bills convenient. Although I do go through the effort of organizing paper money to be separated by value. Overall very good wallet, would recommend to anyone who travels light, I am looking forwards to see what other products Kamino has for us in the future.

Cash Sleeve
Markus Stadler
I finally found what I was looking for

I purchased both a Cash Sleeve an a Slim Bifold from Kan.
I wanted a wallet that is minimal and slim, since I normally keep it in my back pocket and was tired of using bulky leather wallets.
The Slim Bifold has the unique feature that you can slide out the coins, look at them and pick the ones you need. Whereas, if using Cash Sleeve, you have to slide the coins into your hand. You need a little bit of "artistic" to
pick the right coins, deliver them and put the rest into the wallet without dropping any coin.
If you often need quick access to coins I'd recommend the Slim Bifold.
If you want an even more minimal wallet and don't mind that it takes a little longer to pick coins, the Cash Sleeve is the right one to buy.
The credit card access is easy and convenient in bot wallets.
Personally, I use the Cash Sleeve for my daily use. It keep about 5 Cards, 4 bills and
a random amount of coins and a key. Compared with my old "traditional" leather wallets, it is
very slim and convenient to carry in my back pocket.
I use the Slim Bifold for foreign currency, where I'm not so intuitive with the coins and have to look closer to pick the right ones. (Living in Switzerland, we have to use Euros when travelling accross the border and therefore many use a Swiss Franc wallet an a Euro Wallet separately.)
The quality of the paper wallets is superb, I'm sure that I will use my very same Cash Sleeve for the next 10 years at least.
I have tried a lot of wallets in the past, searching for convenience an minimality.
I guess I will stay with Kan's products for the rest of my live.

Slim Bifold
Nikki Tan Hui Mei
A new favorite

Picked up the wallet about a month ago out of curiosity, was skeptical about the durability and functionality especially when i saw that it's made of paper. After using it as a daily carry, I'm suprised by how it holds up to wear and tear, only a little bit of fuzzies can be seen at the bend points. For those that often wear jeans, tan and cream white might pick up colors. Overall I'm loving the product and look forward to seeing future releases! ♡

Card Wallet
Hilmar Vogelbusch
I love it!

I'm a Minimal-Wallet-Nerd (as my son calls me), and I love this Wallet! The look and feel is great.
This is the smallest and most minimalistic I own, and I carry it in my front pocket. The best: I don't need an extra Coin-Card or pouch.
Thank you Kan, you are a "damn nice" guy ;-)
Best regards, Hilmar

Card Wallet
Izak Estrada
Great wallet

I got this about a year ago and it has held up very well no issues with durability. Next time I may got a slightly larger one so I can fold my paper money in half instead of in 1/4 but aside from that it’s been perfect

Wrap Wallet
Jung Min Suh
Wrap Wallet

The wallet is absolutely beautiful! Kan's personal touch is really heartwarming, and the product is clearly handcrafted with care :)

Fantastic wallet with only one issue

This wallet is beautiful. Excellent craftsmanship and has been by far, the easiest to use wallet I have ever owned. I’ve had it for about 2-3 months now and it shows zero signs of wear and feels just like new. Cordoba paper seems to hold up very well. Even with keys rubbing against it. Only issue I have is that coins like to stack on top of each other in the coin compartment. This causes the wallet to be super thick and hard to close unless you adjust it. Otherwise, I couldn’t be happier with this wallet.

Card Sleeve
Luca M.
My favourite wallet

I had a self made card sleeve for a while before buying it, mainly because I wanted to support Kan and his amazing creations. I love slim wallets and it really can't get smaller than this, while still fitting everything I need. Thank you Kan, keep up the great work!

Absolutely best authentic wallet

I absolutely love and cherish this wallet, even though it has a simple look and the feel, it has a LOT of features packed in it. I love the handcraft and also the effort and work behind it. It truly holds a value to me. I love it and honestly would recommend to anyone who’s looking for a simple but functional wallet. It’s also definitely a conversation starter. I am thinking of getting myself another one.

Slim Bifold
Andrew Singh
Simply amazing

I had no idea I could love a wallet as much as I do with this one. It is beautifully crafted and so obvious that a lot of care and attention went into not only the design but the concept itself. The coin pouch makes all the difference and doesn’t at all get in the way. Hard to believe the only thing holding it together is a single button. Absolutely amazing, thanks so much for making such a beautiful product. I will definitely be a lifelong customer of Kamino wallets.

Card Wallet
Better than I imagined.

I picked up the card wallet. Just loaded up 6 cards and 5 bills with 5 quarters in the coin portion. It feels great in the hand and front pocket. Buy this wallet, you'll love it if minimalism is what you're striving for. I feel confident it will wear well with no issues with front pocket carry. Don't hesitate. You WON'T regret the purchase.