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Card Sleeve
Andy Johansen
Love This Card Sleeve

I used to use a bifold wallet and switched to this card sleeve four months ago. It's thin, it's smaller than my last wallet, and it definitely is an improvement from what I had. This has held up to sweat from running while in my pocket. The cards aren't tight in the wallet, but they also don't feel like they would slide out on their own also. Absolutely love this card sleeve!

Card Wallet

Love the Wallet, plan to buy another one as a spare. The wallet is very practical, simple, functional, and does not attract much attention, but am dreading to go through the experience of waiting if I order.

It takes an unknown number of days to receive the product from the time it was ordered. Delivery to Malaysia is really bad via the postal channel. Time is unknown, no tracking and ETA. I received mine in a month and many emails asking for status, which they cannot provide……….

Card Sleeve
Ismael Rodriguez
Awesome little wallet

Have the 5 card variant, super elegant. Get asked about it all the time!

First impression is amazing

if you are worry about picking the correct then I can verify that the size small is indeed, for United States currency.
But overall, I really like the wallet, it’s simple and small.

Card Sleeve
Andy Adams
The best wallet I've ever owned

I just received my wallets. I ordered a card sleeve and a cash wallet, giving me the option to decide between cards only and a moderate amount of cash. I've had minimalist wallets before, but this is definitely the smallest and easiest to use. Other wallets used elastic which eventually wore out or were a hassle to free cards from.

I'm so impressed by the luxurious, leather-like feel of the cordoba paper and the precise folds that I won't go back to other wallets, now. The paper provides a good amount of friction to keep the cards in place while also keeping the entire wallet very compact.

Kan was even kind enough to include a quick access slot (which is standard on the card wallet) to my card sleeve, giving me the best of both worlds. I plan on frequenting the website to see what other offerings Kan comes up with. I hope more styles and colors will be offered in the future, but until then, I am very pleased with my new wallets.

Card Wallet
The Japanese always do everything better. The BEST wallet I have EVER owned!

I absolutely love love love this wallet. It’s a masterpiece of Japanese minimalist design. It feels great, is simple, durable, and keeps me disciplined from filling my wallet up with junk. This is the first wallet I don’t have to take out of my back pocket when I sit. You can’t even feel it. Also, it is really fast to find and grab what you need. I have been practicing Japanese minimalism and this fits the bill. It also makes me want to learn origami :) I’ll never go back to a leather wallet. Yuck.

Exceptional covers for Midori A6 and Midori Light A6 notebooks

I bought two of this cover in dark brown but in different sizes in thickness, and they are perfect for my Midori A6 and Midori Light A6 notebooks. The idea of using durable cordoba paper and making the covers only by cutting and folding them is impressing, and I find the clean design and remarkable craftsmanship simply fascinating. It is also worth mentioning that the covers were shipped in a safe package, so I received them without any harm from international delivery. I can only say that I am extremely pleased with my purchase. Many thanks for your exceptional work, Kan!

amazing wallet

Have had this wallet for at least a year now and it holds up really well! It's nice and compact, the best wallet I've had!

Card Sleeve
Jakub Verschoore

Seeing the product at first, made me question if I could really fit all my cards inside. But they do! I even put some coins in and haven't a clue where they went. It's like a magic wallet.

Exceeded my expectations

I've had my Bifold Kamino wallet for almost 6 months now and it's been amazing.
Shipping took awhile (as expected), but it's worth waiting for. [To Canada]
At first I was concerned about the durability of the product. Now I can say, although showing signs of wear, it still looks and functions great .
It took some time getting used to the unique card holder, but after learning it works great. The quick access card slot is great for my transit card. It is also removable if not required.
I love the slim profile, minimal design, and good quality materials. I don't think I'll be used to using any other wallet.

Love it

Bought mine a few months ago, still holding up so well. Very versatile, sturdy, sleek, and perfect for several cards, a couple bills, and a few coins.

Fantastic wallet!

I have been on the search for a new wallet for quite a while. A lot of trial and error. Mostly error. Until this card sleeve. I ordered the 5 card version. It is exactly what I have wanted. I love the feel of the paper and the minimalistic design. Highly recommended!

Beautiful piece of craftsmanship! The material is lightweight and looks and feels great. The smart design fits enough cards, cash and coins for everyday use (unless you are one of those people who stuff their wallets). Highly recommended!


I received the wallet a few days ago and it's simply AWESOME! Never had a wallet like this. Fantastic!!


I bought the Kamino card wallet.after seeing a review on you tube. I'm so glad I did as I absolutely love it. I'm the weirdo that shows anyone who stands still long enough how clever, tiny and so roomy it actually is.


Bought this about a year ago because I thought it looked neat and I am super happy with how slim it is and how well it has held together.

This is honestly one of the best wallets I’ve purchased. It’s very sleek and compact making it easy to carry around. It isn’t bulky like other wallets but still has all the same features like card holder, coin pocket, and a spot for your bills which is really nice. The coin pocket does hold a good amount of coins which is a good thing. The material of the wallet is very sturdy and durable. I’m glad I bought this wallet!!

Slim Bifold
Excellent wallet

Thank you KAMINO for this wonderful walletyou have excellent work I recommend for my friends and family.

Beat regards

Solid, Eco-friendly but could be more durable

This wallet has been a great purchase but after 1.5 years, the creased parts of the material (the parts that bend when the wallet is opened) are starting to crack. Otherwise it's still in great shape but not sure what could help the frequently bent areas? The rest of the material is still in great shape and has a very pleasant feel.

Small wallet that surprisingly packs a punch

Can't believe this is made of paper. Touch and feel feels premium.

Love the perfectly cut measurements, combined with the imperfections on the finish.

It's smaller than it looks. I would say it's literally credit card size.

The steel snap button is so satisfying to use.

I took out the quick access pocket and place my folded bills into the card pockets as I don't have many cards. This makes the wallet even more compact.

Highly recommend.


Purchased back in June 2021 and it's still going strong. Really no signs of wear after almost a year and a half.

Very happy with the quality and that it is very low profile. If something ever happens to my current one I'd definitely get another.

Great wallet!

Really happy with my purchase. Very small wallet and great quality. Thanks

Great Minimalistic Wallet

Couldn't find any other wallet that I liked that had slim features like this one.. I love how it feels in my hand.

Wrap Wallet
Sam F.
Nice design and ease of use

The design of this wallet is well thought out. It is a smooth action to unwrap and access everything. I also enjoy the ability to half open if I only want bills. I read a review on here that raised one small concern, but it became no issue once I used the wallet.

I saw a review that mentioned how the 4 card slot can slide out and take more time to reassemble. I found you can easily avoid this by the way you hold the wallet. With the wallet fully open, I use my left thumb to put pressure on the 2 card quick slot against the 4 card slot. Then with my right hand I slide out the 4 card slot partially, take a card, and put it back. It is quick and easy, and removed any concern I had with functionality.

I've showed this wallet to my friends and family. I asked them what they thought the material was, and everyone of them said leather. It surprised them to know it was paper. They were reminded of origami when I taught them how to use it, and thought it was extremely creative. One asked if it was waterproof, and I proved it to them by splashing water on it. I let it soak in, and brushed off excess with my hand. As advertised, it dried quickly! We both agreed that waterproof or not, we want to avoid getting wallets wet.

Overall, I'm happy with how it looks, feels, and functions. It is a masterful piece of craftsmanship!

Card Wallet
Sam F.
Great compactness and value

Just received the card wallet last week. I really enjoy the design and minimalism. First impression was that it does look like leather. The material has a nice feel to it. The snap button is satisfying to snap together. I did get a little water on it, wiped off most of it, and the rest dried off quickly. Another thing that is nice is the ability to remove the quick slot and make the wallet even more compact.