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Kamino Cards Sleeve: Slim, minimalist, eco-friendly vegan wallet / money crip.
Card Sleeve
Card Sleeve
Card Sleeve
Card Sleeve
Card Sleeve
Card Sleeve
Card Sleeve
Card Sleeve
Card Sleeve
Card Sleeve
Kamino wallet is highly water-resistant and machine washable.

Card Sleeve

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Free Worldwide Shipping On Orders $80+

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The simplest wallet ever.

Slim & Light / Machine Washable / Eco-Friendly / Looks Better with Age

It's an ideal wallet/sleeve for your apple card because it doesn't discolor the card.

Kamino Card Sleeve is a versatile minimalist wallet that helps you get rid of the bulge in your front pocket, pay smarter at your favorite coffee shop, and reduce environmental footprint while doing it.

A change in our life often starts with the smallest step.
Let a Kamino Wallet be that step for you.


  • Slim, compact and ultra-light
  • Machine washable - Highly tear and water resistant
    *Dries quickly and retains its shape if it gets wet.
  • Holds 3-12 cards depending on the size and a few notes (and coins)
  • Eco-friendly - No animal parts of any kind used / Recyclable as paper
  • Handmade in Japan with the finest craftsmanship


  • Cordoba Paper - Latex laced washable paper fabric with a naturally wrinkled finish.
    *Similar to what you’d find on the label of a pair of jeans.

No adhesives or stitches used.
It’s made solely by folding and cutting a piece of the material.


  • 86mm x 58mm (3.4” x 2.28”)
  • 2.5mm (0.1") thin
  • 10.5g (0.37oz)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Gerardo Guerrero

I never thought I would find the perfect wallet. This is much more than a wallet, this is a work of art. The craftsmanship is amazing, the materials, the look and feel of the wallet are like nothing I’ve seen before. The only way to truly describe it would be Perfection. Will definitely be purchasing more products. ARIGATOU!!

Jacob Sheets
Exactly the Right Size

This card sleeve has replaced my leather bifold wallet for everyday use. It holds the cards I need on a daily basis and some cash just in case. The top card that I use for 99% of my purchases is super easy to quickly access. I can’t imagine there being anything else as light and durable as this with the same capacity. I it fits comfortably in my front pocket with my phone. It’s holding up extremely well after a few months of daily use.

Michael Sisk

I'm big on minimalist, front pocket wallets, and have used SlimFold wallet's for nearly a decade now (first the Micro Tyvek, then the Micro Soft Shell). When the Soft Shell started showing it's age I decided to see what else was out there for minimalist wallets. I looked at a lot of alternatives and watched a bunch of Walletopia reviews before finally settling on the Kamino Card Sleeve (Medium), and I couldn't be happier – this is exactly the wallet I've always wanted. It's extremely well made, the material is beautiful, and it's barely larger than the cards I have in it. I considered getting a smaller size, but I'm honestly happy I didn't; I have enough cards to fill the Medium, and the footprint is still vanishingly small. The money sleeve is an extra bonus for the rare times I have some cash on hand. Can not recommend Kamino enough.

Excellent compact wallet

Very well made. It is small and holds the minimal things that I need to have everyday. I am very happy with this product.

Small and handy

Very small, stylish wallet with nice finish and plenty of features. The flap can be a little quirky sometimes but for it works pretty well for the most. Quick access slot is also a plus. Overall it does what it needs to do and im quite happy with it.