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Kamino Cash Sleeve in Dark Brown
Kamino Cash Sleeve in Tan
Kamino Cash Sleeve holds max 8 cards.
Kamino Cash Sleeve holds half-folded notes.
Cash Sleeve
Kamino Cash Sleeve holds coins.
Cash Sleeve
Cash Sleeve
Kamino Cash Sleeve: Slim, minimalist, eco-friendly paper wallets that help you live simply.
Kamino Cash Sleeve fits into every front pocket.
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Cash Sleeve

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Duty-free for US customers (for the items under $800)

*Note for EU customers: Older €100 and €200 notes (that have 82mm height) don't fit the size M. Consider the size L if you carry them often.

The thinnest wallet with the full capacity.

Slim & Light / Machine Washable / Eco-Friendly / Looks Better with Age

Kamino Cash Sleeve is a versatile minimalist wallet that helps you get rid of the bulge in your front pocket, pay smarter at your favorite coffee shop, and reduce environmental footprint while doing it.

A change in our life often starts with the smallest step.
Let a Kamino Wallet be that step for you.


  • Slim, compact and ultra-light
  • Machine washable - Highly tear and water resistant
    *Dries quickly and retains its shape if it gets wet.
  • Holds max 8 cards (6 inside, 2 in the quick slot), half-folded notes, and coins
  • Comes in 3 sizes to fit most of the major currencies
  • Eco-friendly - No animal parts of any kind used / Recyclable as paper
  • Handmade in Japan with the finest craftsmanship


  • Cordoba Paper - Latex laced washable paper fabric with a naturally wrinkled finish.
    *Similar to what you’d find on the label of a pair of jeans.
  • Steel snap button in chrome black

No adhesives or stitches used.
It’s made solely by folding and cutting a piece of the material.


  • S: W74mm x H90mm (2.9” x 3.54”)
  • M: W80mm x H90mm (3.14” x 3.54”)
  • L: W86mm x H90mm (3.38” x 3.54”)
  • 8mm (0.31") thin
  • 26g (0.9 oz)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Perfect.....For Me!

Love this wallet! Nails fit, form and function!

Everything that I needed

Personally all I needed was something that could hold 4-5 cards, some coins and my key, and some notes. This cash sleeve fulfills it all. The wallet is also extremely beautiful, and I've been complimented for it. Looking forward to also getting the Kamino coin wallet in the future to compliment the cash sleeve!

Thank you for your review! Glad you love it. Contact me anytime if you see any issues over time. - Kan
All right, but not exceptional at any of the features

Just to share my feedback after a couple weeks of usage (I think it's been a couple weeks).

Basically it feels like it isn't exceptional at any of the features.
Getting bills out is awkward, as because they're folded I can't pick and choose which ones I'm getting out.
The cards are fine, although not exceptional either.
The coins, because there is no little pocket for them to rest on basically I have to get them out onto my hand and handle them from there. Not particularly comfortable. However I was impressed with how many coins it could hold, that was actually pretty good.
The bills being hard to sort through would be the biggest minus, I think.
I noticed that somehow the tightness of the wallet on the bills makes the bills stick together more as well, which makes it harder to get out only one bill once you have picked out which bill you want to take out.
Of course one can make it less tight by opening it more, but then I have a fear that it will unravel, so I don't do it very much.

That's as far as the review goes :)
Note this review is basically a copy-paste from an email I sent to them directly. They said if I could post the review that'd be great :)

Thank you for your detailed review. We hope your objective opinion would help our future customers choose the right product. As we communicated through email, we'll send you one of our Bifolds as a replacement in exchange for the difference.
Just what I needed

I've been looking for a minimalist wallet that is both sustainable, simple, handcrafted, and beautiful. Kamino Cash Sleeve is the perfect fit. Unlike the other ones you see using Tyvek with all the crazy graphics on them, Kamino is simple and elegant. And I love the versatility of it and all of the little pockets where you can put cards and cash in. I think the Kamino cash sleeve is the perfect size for what I needed, fit 5-7 cards and some dollar bills. Thank you for making this! I'll probably buy another one and I'll be sharing it with my friends as well!

Thank you for your detailed review! I’m glad you love it. Contact me anytime if you see any issues over time. - Kan