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Kamino slim bifold wallet in dark brown
Kamino slim bifold wallet in tan
Kamino slim bifold wallet comes in three sizes to fit larger banknotes such as EUR, GBP, JPY.
Kamino Slim Bifold Wallet: Slim, minimalist, eco-friendly vegan wallet
Kamino slim bifold wallet holds coins.
Kamino Slim Bifold
Kamino Slim Bifold
Kamino Slim Bifold
Kamino slim bifold wallet looks better with age.
Kamino wallet is highly water-resistant and machine washable.
Kamino slim bifold wallet fits in every front pocket
Kamino Slim Bifold

Kamino Slim Bifold

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*Note for EU customers: Older €100 and €200 notes (that have 82mm height) don't fit the size M. Consider the size L if you carry them often.

The most minimal wallet with maximal utility.

Slim & Light / Machine Washable / Eco-Friendly / Looks Better with Age

Kamino Slim Bifold is a versatile minimalist wallet that helps you get rid of the bulge in your front pocket, pay smarter at your favorite coffee shop, and reduce environmental footprint while doing it.

A change in our life often starts with the smallest step.
Let a Kamino Wallet be that step for you.


  • Slim, compact and ultra-light
  • Machine washable - Highly tear and water resistant
    *Dries quickly and retains its shape if it gets wet.
  • Holds about 8 cards, 20 notes and coins.
  • Comes in 3 sizes to also fit larger banknotes such as GBP, EUR, JPY, etc.
  • Eco-friendly - No animal parts of any kind used / Recyclable as paper
  • Handmade in Japan with the finest craftsmanship


  • Cordoba Paper - Latex laced washable paper fabric with a naturally wrinkled finish.
    *Similar to what you’d find on the label of a pair of jeans.
  • Steel snap button in chrome black

No adhesives or stitches used.
It’s made solely by folding and cutting the material that is put together with a snap button.


  • S: W74mm x H94mm (2.9” x 3.7”)
  • M: W80mm x H94mm (3.14” x 3.7”)
  • L: W86mm x H94mm (3.38” x 3.7”)
  • 10mm (0.39") thin
  • 41g (1.4 oz)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Wallet with identity

After having lost my old wallet I was seeking something special, a wallet that would reflect my personality and my views. There we go! Kamino looks unusual, brings a little piece of Japanese culture with it and is vegan. Couldn’t wish better. By the way it’s very comfortable to use.

Thank you for your review! Glad you love it. Contact me anytime if you see any issues over time. - Kan
Well Made & Functional

I've been using this wallet (Slim Bifold, M) for at least 3 months now.

I love how slim and compact it is without sacrificing functionality. Both the coin & note section can hold quite amount of units, but since it is compact, it has limits lest you want it to be bulky. The wallet can fit in the front pocket of my slim fit jeans comfortably. The design material is good, it does not easily crumple or some sort. The new look will age well as you use it for quite a long time. From my experience, the outer pocket is RFID friendly, its easy for me to use my travel card without pulling it out from the pocket. Occasionally, the sensor can't read it, perhaps its not really meant to be use as that I guess.

A little backstory, my first order of the wallet went missing during the process of delivery and Kan graciously sent me another one without having me to pay for anything. Fortunately I've received it in around 2 weeks time. With all the stress and risque in doing business, he still retain his integrity and kindness. That's what I like about this the most. Hopefully you'll find success in anything that you do.

My pleasure, Imran! Glad you love it. Contact me anytime if you see any issues over time. - Kan

I just really like the wallet. It feels amazing to use it.
I enjoy carrying it because its super thin and light.

Thats it.
Keep it up Kan

Best regards,

Thank you for your review! Glad you love it. Contact me anytime if you see any issues over time. - Kan
great design, nice material, very well-made

I have been using the kamino wallet (Slim Bifold, size M) for several weeks. What I especially like about it:

- The coin pocket design. Lots of wallets have coin pockets but it is often difficult to quickly take out the exact change that you want, because the pocket is just a dark hole of jumbled coins. The kamino bifold wallet is the only one I've seen that allows you to slide out the coins, look at them, pick the ones you want, and then slide the un-needed coins back into the pocket, so you can actually use your coins when you are out buying things. And this can be done very quickly and easily too, so that you are not holding up people in line at the counter while you get out exact change.

- The wallet can fit a lot of stuff in it and is very customizable. I keep in mine: cash, coins, five cards, a mini retractable pen (I clip it right next to the cards in the card pocket - this might only work for sizes M and L), as well as a mini usb flash drive, my house key, and my travel smartcard. These last three I keep in the outer pocket, but I rearranged the flaps to make sure they don't fall out (hard to describe in words but the wallet is very easy to experiment with).

- The design means that the contents of your wallet stay private. No one can see the rest of your cards/cash when you open up the wallet to take out whatever it is you need.

- The washable paper material feels and looks nice and seems very durable and the snap button is very firmly attached. So I expect the wallet to hold up well for a long time.

I can't think of any "cons", so long as you make sure that this particular wallet fits with your particular needs/habits. For example, some people who use many different cards regularly might prefer a wallet that has separate card slots for each card rather than one card slot to hold them all.

The ordering process was smooth and the shipping was quick.

Thank you for your detailed review! I’m glad you like it so far. Contact me anytime if you notice any issues over time. - Kan
Eye catching, unique and working as intended!

I am very satisfied with the function and appearance of the wallet. After three months, I have had no issue with the craftsmanship or function. I was also impressed with the level of customer care from the company. Timely e-mails after ordering to let me know the product would have a brief delay in shipment due to increased order volume, and a hand written thank you note that arrived with the wallet when delivered. I would recommend to anyone!

Thank you for your detailed review! Glad you love it. Contact me anytime if you see any issues over time. - Kan

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*Including Buttons
10mm (0.39")
10mm (0.39")
8mm (0.31")
8mm (0.31")
2.5mm (0.1")
41g (1.4oz)
35g (1.2oz)
26g (0.9oz)
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