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Card Sleeve
Kamino card sleeve in dark brown
Kamino card sleeve in tan
Card Sleeve
Kamino Cards Sleeve: Slim, minimalist, eco-friendly vegan wallet / money crip.
Card Sleeve
Card Sleeve
Card Sleeve
Card Sleeve
Card Sleeve
Kamino wallet is highly water-resistant and machine washable.

Card Sleeve

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The simplest wallet ever.

Slim & Light / Machine Washable / Eco-Friendly / Looks Better with Age

It's an ideal wallet/sleeve for your apple card because it doesn't discolor the card.

Kamino Card Sleeve is a versatile minimalist wallet that helps you get rid of the bulge in your front pocket, pay smarter at your favorite coffee shop, and reduce environmental footprint while doing it.

A change in our life often starts with the smallest step.
Let a Kamino Wallet be that step for you.


  • Slim, compact and ultra-light
  • Machine washable - Highly tear and water resistant
    *Dries quickly and retains its shape if it gets wet.
  • Holds 3-12 cards depending on the size and a few notes (and coins)
  • Eco-friendly - No animal parts of any kind used / Recyclable as paper
  • Handmade in Japan with the finest craftsmanship


  • Cordoba Paper - Latex laced washable paper fabric with a naturally wrinkled finish.
    *Similar to what you’d find on the label of a pair of jeans.

No adhesives or stitches used.
It’s made solely by folding and cutting a piece of the material.


  • 86mm x 58mm (3.4” x 2.28”)
  • 2.5mm (0.1") thin
  • 10.5g (0.37oz)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Just Around the Block

Sometimes I want to hold a few items to just "go around the block" or visit someone "across the street".

The Kamino Wallet - Card Sleeve is perfect for this situation. It holds just enough information for me to feel comfortable leaving the home. A place for one or two cards, a pouch for a small bill, and even a clever method for holding a couple of coins.

The idea that this was made from paper supports my interest in sustainability. When I need to replace my main wallet, I will certainly come back to Kamino Wallet.

I recommend trying this innovative technology for wallets.

Exactly what I was looking for

I had been looking for something like this for a long while. Once I found the Kamino site, I thought I'd take a chance given the affordability. I'm glad I did as this was the perfect wallet I had been looking for. It has excellent craftsmanship, durability and is quite stylish. I love how compact it is and the fact that it leaves no indentation in my pocket nor does it feel uncomfortable standing, sitting, etc. Very highly recommended.

Thank you for your review! Glad you love it. Contact me anytime if you see any issues over time. - Kan

Great quality and durable

My first wallet was purchased July 2019 and it has held up well. If I could upload a picture I would simply to show how it still looks brand new. The slim design fits will in my pocket even. I purchase the Large sleeve and it holds 12 cards without issue. I even slide some bills in the folds for safe keeping. Highly recommend.

Thank you for your review! Glad you love it. Contact me anytime if you see any issues over time. - Kan
Best Wallet !!

Using this wallet a couple of weeks now and I like it more and more.
I have several wallets from other brands before Kamino Card sleeve but I feel I finally find the perfect one.
Design is so simple and beautiful and paper matrial feels really good.
I purchaced a coin wallet after this one and had it today. It is also really good but I personally perfer Card Sleeve.
Highly recommend to anyone.

Thank you for your review! I’m glad you love it. Contact me anytime if you notice any issues over time. - Kan
Exactly what I expected!

I needed a super-thin, low maintenance wallet for five cards, and this wallet delivers. I've been using mine for about one month, and it seems to be holding up nicely - no signs of wear and tear. I love that there are no attachments, nothing sticking out to catch on my pocket, and it's absolutely flat. I couldn't find anything like this wallet anywhere else, and I'm not sure I remember how I stumbled onto it other than meticulously combing my google search results. You might want to spend some cash on SEO results, LOL . Anyway, bottom line is this: outstanding value and performance in an ultra-thin wallet. Thank you!!!

Thank you for your review! Yeah, We've got still tons of work to spread the word, but I’m glad you found us. Contact me anytime if you notice any issues over time. - Kan